About the Server

Welcome to Lethal Survival Online!

Our server ip is: lethalsurvival.online

We are a Minecraft semi-vanilla, survival, raiding, and griefing server with a touch of land claims and really tough mobs! Also, no we are not like factions in that we don't have large "factions". It's every person for themselves unless they have friends.


We have a few general rules that dictate how our server runs. Those who don't abbide by them suffer the consequences

Keep it PG-13-ish
Yes, that means for the most part keep chat clean. We don't mind the occasional curse here and there but we have kids on our server so keep it a place where parents wouldn't mind letting their kids play. If you disobey this rule, you could find yourself permanently muted.

Don't Hack
What this means is don't use tools/mods/clients that go outside of the vanilla minecraft experience! For example, xray mods are a NO! Fly hacks are a NO! Speed hacks are a NO! Spider climbing is a NO! Kill Aura is a NO! Player locators are a NO! Get the idea? Anyone who fails to heed this warning will find themselves with a temp ban or even a perma-ban!

Don't Spam
This is a very general rule, not only does it mean don't spam chat with repeateded or similar messages but it also means things like don't advertise other servers, don't verbally abuse other people, don't harrass anyone.

If you can follow these simple guidelines then we and you can have an enjoyable experience together! :)

Semi-Vanilla Features

We want to try and provide a vanilla experience with a few minor changes:

  • /spawn and Spawn which is a safe place to explore for hidden goodies and trade with others!
  • /tpahere to allow you to teleport your friends to you!
  • /sethome = Set homes - you start off being allowed to set one home but can gain a 2nd and 3rd home through voting
  • /vote = Voting rewards - everytime you vote you gain a tiny reward and sometimes a bonus!
  • Harder mobs - The mobs have been tweaked a little to increase the challenge. Extra health, more damage, that sort of thing.