Player Commands

- The server rules easily accessible at any time. Disclaimer: We reserve the right to change these at anytime without prior notice so periodically check in with 'm!

- Return to the safety of spawn at anytime. Spawn is located at 0,0 incase you're curious. Spawn may or may not have special hidden goodes within it's borders. You can try finding them if you'd like.

- This command by itself sets your home as "home". It is the same as typing /sethome home where home is the name used. You can also do /sethome customName with whatever custom name you want, numbers don't work however. Repeating the same command at a different location will overwrite your last location so be careful when using it. You can use this command as many times as you want so use it as a checkpoint while you are looking for a place to settle down.

/home name
- This will return you to a previously set home. If you have only one home set then just /home will work but otherwise you must specify the name of the home you wish to return to.

/delhome name
- This will explicitly delete the home of which's name you pass.

/rtp aka /wild
- Will randomly teleport you anywhere between spawn and 4000 blocks out. Remember though, the RTP Zone (within 4000 blocks) can be RTP'd to by anyone so make sure you travel well enough outside it before setting up a base.

- Since our mobs are soo hard you will probably die alot. We've added a special tracker to help you locate your last few death locations. Simply type the command to see your last death coordinates. Remember your gear doesn't despawn for 15 minutes IF the chunk is active, so if you were the only one there and you died, you got lots of time to get your stuff back!

- Exactly what it sounds like. Got a group of friends that want to discuss secrets together? Well use party chat to create a party and that secretly chat amongst your whole team! The parties are persistent through restarts so you only need to set it up once. You can leave a party at any time by using the sub commands. Once you are in a party simply use /p to chat with your party.

- Sometimes plain text just doesn't express what emotion you're feeling so we've added a few emoji's for you to use at will! If you like a certain emoji that's not in here, suggest it to us and we'll consider adding it.

- Just incase you or someone else is wondering if we have a discord or what the link is, yes we do and here it is! Just type the command the link will present itself. Then you're only a click away from joining our discord server.